Legislation authorizing the establishment of the Connecticut Freedom Trail (CFT) was signed in August, 1995. The Connecticut Freedom Trail program documents and designates sites that embody the struggle toward freedom and human dignity, celebrate the accomplishments of the state’s African American community and promote heritage tourism. The Trail officially opened in September, 1996 with 60 sites in 30 towns. As of fall 2010, there are over 130 sites in more than 50 towns, and the Trail continues to grow.

Ultimately, the Connecticut Freedom Trail will comprise of at least one site in each of Connecticut’s 169 towns. Included on the Trail are sites associated with the Amistad Case of 1839-1842; buildings reported to have been used on the Underground Railroad; and gravesites, monuments, homes and buildings associated with the heritage and movement towards freedom of Connecticut’s African American citizens. Administration of the Trail is the responsibility of the Connecticut Commission on Culture & Tourism and the Amistad Committee, Inc. of New Haven.

Explore our site further for more information, including information on How to List Your Property on the Connecticut Freedom Trail and the Full Application. A Letter of Inquiry stating the rational for the inclusion of the property to the Connecticut Freedom Trail is the first step.

For more information on the Connecticut Freedom Trail, contact Todd Levine at 860-256-2759 or todd.levine@ct.gov.

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