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Dixwell Avenue Congregational Church

Dixwell Avenue Congregational Church was founded in 1820 under the direction of Simeon Jocelyn (1799-1879). In 1829, it was affiliated with the Congregationalists and became known as Temple Street Congregational Church. Its first African American minister was James W.C. Pennington (1809-1870). From 1841-1858, Amos Gerry Beman (1812-1874) was the pastor. Both were well-known African American leaders in the United States. During Beman’s ministry, the growth of the church made it necessary to relocate the congregation to a new building. By 1896, the church moved to Dixwell Avenue, where it developed numerous community programs under the Reverend Edward Goin (b. 1875). These programs later became associated with the Dixwell Community House. The present structure was built in 1968.


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