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William Winters Neighborhood

The development of the Winters Neighborhood in Deep River provides some answers to what became of individuals who fled northward to escape slavery on the Underground Railroad. After making his way from South Carolina to Philadelphia, Daniel Fisher was assisted by Underground Railroad agents.

According to his personal account:

“In company with some Philadelphia colored people, I was taken to New York, and it was there I met members of the Abolition party…at New York, I was put on board a steamboat for New Haven… on arrival, a colored man took me to the Tontine Hotel, where a woman gave me a part of a suit of clothes….I was fed and made comfortable, and then directed to Deep River with instructions that upon arriving there, I was to inquire for George Read of Judge Warner.” Fisher walked from New Haven to Deep River. Once settled in the town, he changed his name to William Winters. Heand wore a wig to avoid capture and return to South Carolina and enslavement. He was later joined by other family members and friends from the South.


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