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Passport To Freedom

Coming Soon! In the meantime, give us your email address and mailing address, so we know where to send you your passport.

The Connecticut Freedom Trail Passport to Freedom Program is a free program provided to visitors of publicly accessible sites along the Connecticut Freedom Trail. The Trail is represented through 4 separate categories, with sites representing each. Each site features a unique stamp, which includes the date of visitation and the location name. Each category has a distinct color of ink, representing the four categories of Civil Rights, Amistad, Underground Railroad, and Concepts of Freedom. Stamps are collected within the Freedom Trial Passport, available at participating sites on the Freedom Trail. There is no start or finish of the Trail; visitors are encouraged to visit sites in whatever order they choose, at their own pace. Those who visit all sites in the Passport Program can mail in a copy of their passport and receive a commemorative t-shirt.