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George Jeffrey House

George Jeffrey (1830-1906) was a leading activist on the state and national level for civil, economic and political rights and equality for African Americans. He was president of The Lincoln Colored People’s Association of Meriden from 1878 to 1886. The Lincoln Club was established both to honor Abraham Lincoln and to work to advance civil rights and equality of opportunity for African Americans. His single greatest achievement was spearheading the campaign that led to the Connecticut General Assembly in 1887 passing into law, “An Act to Prevent Discrimination by Life Insurance Companies Against Persons of Color.” Jeffrey was a man of stature and influence among African American members of the Republican Party, and in the spring of 1880, he was nominated by fellow black Connecticut leaders as a representative to the Republican National Convention in Chicago. At the convention, Jeffrey spoke out against the Republican party, criticizing its failure to protect black voters in the South. The house at 66 Hillside Avenue is the only surviving property known to be associated with George Jeffrey.

This home is privately owned and not open to the public.


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